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How to enter product key on

Go to and login with your Microsoft account and enter product key or already entered product then go to and choose myaccount page to install office. If you don’t have account, create a new one. If you’re installing office for first time, you might not have an account page yet. You’ll set that up as a part of installing Office.

What is on the My Account Page?

With page you can install and re-install Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 365, or manage your Office 365 subscription.Enter your product key and get technical support.

You will get below options on Myaccount Page:

  1. You already have office?

    1. If you already have Office, you can sign in with the office account used to buy or activate Office. Get link to Sign in with your other Microsoft account
    2. If you can’t remember the Microsoft account that you used, support might be able to help. Get Support
    3. Do you have an Office product key? Enter your product key

  2. Don’t have Office yet?

    1. If you don’t have Office, you can try or buy it in the Office store. Buy now option.

If you have an Office 365 subscription, on your My Account page you can also:

Where to find office product key?

Office product key is 25 character alphanumeric code which is printed at back of your product card.

office my account

Why myaccount myaccount provides complete management of all applications on single page , which help user for accessing features at single destination.
office my account page

Office Myaccount Page

On Office Myaccount page , user gets feature such as install, reinstall, get older version of office using product key. check subscription status and do renewal of office 365.
office myaccount support Support

User can get support any time from Myaccount page related to any issue for office dwonload, setup and installation.

When to visit

If You are looking for office renewal, access to page for entering product key, enable or disable office renewal, want to get support, check feature documentation go to myaccount page.